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מסע לצ׳אי

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מסע לצ׳אי- טיולים מאורגנים להודו ונפאל

About Masa la Chai and Raz Hellwing

Masa La chai is a travel agency that specializes in providing tailored travel solutions and consultations for trips to India. It is the only travel agency in Israel that has a local branch in India catering specifically to Israeli tourists.


Masa La chai offers a range of services including booking train tickets, buses, taxis, and guest houses. Its organized trips department offers boutique tours, women's tours, youth tours, and motorcycle tours to India. Additionally, its independent traveler department provides full-service planning for unique itineraries in India."

As a subcontinent, India requires extensive knowledge in travel management. This includes understanding the different destinations within India, as well as knowing the airports, train stations, bus stations, and taxi services available in the country.

At 'Masa La Chai', we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive and professional travel services in India. We are the only travel company that can book train tickets, buses, and taxis for our clients, as well as secure accommodations in guest houses throughout the country.

Our organized trips department takes a unique and special approach to travel in India. We offer boutique tours, women's tours, youth tours, and even motorcycle tours for those seeking an adventure. For independent travelers, our department provides personalized itineraries and full-service support to ensure a unique and fulfilling experience in India.


Hello and Namaste, I am Raz Hellwing, a TV director, cameraman, and part-time musician. My journey to India was unexpected. In 2000, while working as a wedding photographer, a couple I photographed in India invited me to set up an editing room for them. Despite not having any interest in India before, I decided to take the opportunity and arrived in the city of Laknau in October of that year.

I had preconceived notions of India as a dirty place where one had to bring their own toilet paper, but to my surprise, the colors, sounds, and smells of India captivated me. It reminded me of the fascination I had with new experiences as a child. My India journey began with a soft landing, personal care, and guidance, which helped me discover the beauty of the country.

During my seven-month stay in India, I had the opportunity to film and photograph the Kumba Mela festival, the largest festival in the world, attended by 80 million people in 2001. This defining event took place in Allahabad, where a star combination repeated itself once in 144 years, which I was privileged to witness.

Three years later, I returned to India to film the series "Masa La Chai" (Journey to Chai). The series explored the journey of Michal Adler, Chen Luzia, and myself as we traveled from the north to the south of India. My goal was to show India in the most accessible and authentic way, using a variety of transportation methods such as buses, trains, rickshaws, elephants, camels, and walking.

After a heart attack at the age of 41, I realized that life is short and decided to pursue what brings me happiness. This led me to become a tour guide. Humor is an essential part of my tours as laughter is crucial for good health. My trips are designed to strike a balance between organized activities and allowing the experience to unfold naturally.

In summary, my journey to India was unexpected, but it changed my perspective on life. Through my tours, I hope to provide a soft landing for visitors, enabling them to discover the beauty of India and have a memorable experience.

The raga of my life - a song by Raz Helving

Performed by singer Liora Yitzhak

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Masa La Chai deals with special trips to the Indian subcontinent, value-added trips to North and South India - customized trips for families and individuals as well as boutique trips. Contact us by phone
054-823-0517 or on WhatsApp

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